Nerak Art

About the Artist

I have enjoyed drawing since primary school and though as I grew older my confidence some what lacked, it was my art teacher who developed my confidence in pursuing my talent further at college and university. After this I decided to pursue a career in teaching, as the holidays allowed me to travel and see some of the world. I received a great deal of satisfaction within my teaching career working with secondary children developing their confidence and challenging and encouraging them to constantly improve their skills and abilities. Seeing the children change and develop so much, under the care and influence of my teaching and guidance was a huge achievement and a wonderful experience.

Through my travels I met my husband in Australia, a beautiful country, the other side of the world, who happened to be from London, two years later we got married, the happiest day of my life. Soon after that I knew that my life was going to take me in an exciting but different direction to what I had expected. I knew in my heart that I needed to take a step of faith and leave teaching, move out of my comfort zone into something that I could only dream of ... to be an artist and photographer full-time in my own right.

Though this has been challenging and extremely hard to leave what I grew so much to love, it is a wonderful experience to follow my childhood dream and create beautiful pieces of art that represent this wonderful and beautiful world that we live in, to take in such beauty and translate it into my own. It is such a privilege place to be, in which many can only dream of.