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14th December 2009

Our beautiful son is born, Elijah John Goodkind, our gift from God. Despite the difficult and challenging pregnancy and birth, I would so do it all over again, to have this wonderful little life in my arms, what a privilege it is in being a parent, I love it!

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March 2009

I am pregnant! I am so excited and yet so physically and emotionally
challenged and I'm only 5 weeks!

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8th August 2008

Winner in the ‘Composition‘ category
Joint Runner Up in the ‘Up Close & Personal‘ category

A competition was run which had been organized jointly by the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, the RSPB, and The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough.

The RSPB and the Wildlife Trust are working together to reverse four centuries of damage to the Fens. Wetlands are being created, reedbeds are being restored and Fenland wildlife is returning.

The competition was launched to encourage the public to get out into the Fens and to encourage them to enjoy the wildlife.

There were 4 categories:-
    Dawn or Dusk
    Up Close & Personal
    On the Wing

I won the ‘Composition‘ category with my photograph ‘Looking Up‘ of a grass stalks gently moving in the breeze, taken at RSPB Lakenheath. It was a clear day and the blue skies behind really frame the image.

I also came joint runner up in the ‘Up Close & Personal‘ category with my photograph ‘Damselfly on the Curve‘ also taken at RSPB Lakenheath. As we were walking around the reserve I spotted a whole group of Damselflies on the dense green foliage. They are very docile and I was able to get close enough to get this shot.

All the winning and runner up photographs are on exhibition at the University Museum of Zoology in Cambridge. After a month in Cambridge the exhibition
will be touring the RSPB and Wildlife Trust sites in the Fens.

Date: 19th September - 31st October 2008
Opening Times: 10am - 4.45pm (Monday - Friday)
(Saturdays 20th & 27th September 10am - 1pm)

Admission is Free

Exhibition address:-
University Museum of Zoology
Downing Street
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24th April 2008

I have had some of my photographs published in the Ely Weekly News.

The Muscovy ducks are beautiful birds; gentle, trusting and proud. The ducklings are presently small bundles of fur, and have provided many members of the
public with great enjoyment as they investigate their surroundings. As I watched and photographed them, one mother was quite content to allow her young to come right up to where I lay taking photographs.

I chose to photograph these birds because I have a love for nature and these ducklings represent all the joys of Spring.

A copy of the article in PDF format can be found here

The printed images and others can be found here

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19th December 2007

This summer a company called MyMemory ran a competition in association with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Over 1400 images were entered into the competition which were voted on by the public. The 12 photographs with the most votes were pooled into a final, and the winner was chosen by Chris Packham, award winning photographer and respected TV presenter.

While I did not win the competition, my photography was selected to appear in the 2008 desktop calendar, with all sale proceeds going to the
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

If you wish to purchase this photograph please use the contact page.

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